I will begin by saying we can agree to disagree, but truth will always prevail.

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is my first with more to come so be patient I write slow…but truth will always prevail.

It is a sad day in the United States Marine Corp. for they have dishonored my Corp. with Sodomites, and they have no shame, we have been betrayed, I am ashamed to be call on of them. Call Bible things by Bible names, Sodomites not Gay’s.
Leviticus 18:22 is the defining element and their destruction for the sins had reached unto heaven Gen 19: and the very word we get from them today is Sodomy, it was immoral 6000 years ago it is immoral today and it will be immoral when this earth passes away according to the Old and New Testament. If you disagree with this you don’t disagree with me it is the Old and New Testament you have a difficulty with and God.

In his eternal Service,

Skip Pallo


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