an “infinite” person

I am Andrew Joseph Pallo III and Prefer Skip, married to my third wife with 9 children, I am a United States Marine (Viet Nam Era), I am a father, a preacher, a debater and marriage counselor for 30 years, I am a singer and song writer for over 30 years my band is Skip’s Crystal Blue Country (SCBC) , I am a Bible translator both in Hebrew and Greek and study early English History and American History. I work as an Exchange Administrator for the Army at present and am attending Kaplan for a BS in Information Technology, Information Security and Forensics.

The question comes in a University I am attending What is an infinite person?

I have read some of the posts and it seems a little open ended not only in the question but in the answers given. Critical thinking demands that we evaluate correctly information given to us with the rules of proper interpretation. For those who think it is correct not to judge things you fool your selves, open mindedness is not equated with  foolishness. If you stand for nothing you fall for everything. For those who out of political correctness which is the poison and constipation of our society hiding those who not only seek to be immoral but damage society and social ethics in the process. The philosophy comes out of Hegelian Thought, which is Liberal thought and it has nothing to do by the way with being a liberal giver it has to do with the denial of the 2 story universe, the denial of the spiritual and the soul. Without Soul there is no music no art. Art and Music mimic Life as we strive to achieve an understanding of the Creator above and create, express and mimic our understanding of that. Humanities is not Humanistic those are contrary terms, Humanity is the nature of man and Humanistic is a philosopher (Dictionary of the English Language 1768, Samuel Johnson), who doesn’t believe in God. A man once said: “I can see how a man can look at the ground all day long and say there is no god but to lift his eyes to the lofty Heavens above and say there is no God this I cannot understand” Abraham Lincoln. Those who sit in the lofty towers teaching philosophies which neither promote goodness nor show men how to proper discern evil and confuse young minds in the process do both the Academic field and those they teach an injustice and are responsible for the problems which Ken Robinson alludes to in his video. An infinite person used in this sense hyperbolically but without definition it can be infinitely evil and in the case of Hitler, or Jeffery Dalmer, or Charles Manson or Madalyn Murray O’Hair these men and women left an eternal impression on our world but not for good they are infinite, infinitely evil an there are those who like the Judeo-Christian believers know Jesus or like men of such stature as William Penn or Martin Luther King who stand timeless for their contributions to history and humanity. Take a stand ladies and gentleman and have a passion for at least the truth if nothing else and if it offends someone they may need to be offended if they are not in search of Truth and Right. My songs, my writings and my quest is for Truth and dispelling not only ignorance but exposing truth. The traits of the infinite are never compromising, never standing with immorality or evil, but again it is the question infinitely evil or infinitely good, and open minded enough to know the difference not herded like sheep but following music of a distant drum. I follow the country side, my son is heavy metal side he played for Force Fed before they went international, one of my daughters went Country and went through college on a music scholarship at Oklahoma State. No one is perfect but it doesn’t give us license to stand for that which is wrong, men of stature does not mean they are perfect but they stand to protect it and its concepts and precepts. Art has definition lest we think Frank Zappa taking a crap on stage is Art, one only has to see and smell what is being proposed to know to know what it is, don’t be deceived some things are not art or music know the difference, like the world around you which has natural laws which we acknowledge and mimic, some things should not to be mislabeled.

Here is my Quote so hear me Well…

“Political Correctness is the Constipation of the Freedom of Speech ”

Skip Pallo (Semper Fi)


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