Do you think that America’s fear of a Communist takeover during the 1960s was valid?

The question comes from a University Discussion board.

It makes me ill to my stomach to think of how little regard we have for the blessings we are afforded in this country. We are the only country founded on the ideal of our Rights being endowed by a Creator unlike all others before it. See these books they can be found on Google books for your reading:
The Rights of Man.
for the use and Benefit of all Mankind.
By Thomas Paine
Starting pg 4…
Pg. 5 hand of his Maker
Pg. 6 unmake man (we are warned of the Atheistic threat here).
Pg. 7 male and female (natural order of God expressed here)
and the use of Natural Law is within the confines of the
understanding of The laws of the Creator, not in man or like
England’s Law the People as the Supreme Power
Rights of Man:
Being an Answer to Mr Burke’s Attack on the French Revolution
Seventh Edition
With a Preface to George Washington
By Thomas Paine
Pg 47-.
Or how threats to government in history happen See:
A defense of the constitutions of government of the United
John Adams
Vol. I-III especially in
Vol III History of the Principal Republics in the World.
These volumes show the ignorance all man kind has had through out history at the threat of despotism.
The German People fell in one day to the likes of Hitler and his regime but they were not the first nor would they be the last. Military strategists are all well aware of the issues in toppling governments and how to take over nations. So much for my preface now the Question: Was the fear of a Communist take over valid during the 1960’s? With out a doubt, it was the same problem that existed in pre WWI and WWII in this country, we as a nation were merely pacifists and the conscience of the US like in the 1960 was one of not wanting another War or even the thought of War, yet it had to be brought in front of the people to make the majority aware of it’s constant presence. At the dinner table most were not thinking about the posturing of the Nations of America and Russia which we were constantly in, only some who were aware of what the impact the Viet Nam Conflict would have. The cat and mouse games that the nuclear age forced us into and our Air Force and our Navy when we launched the first nuclear sub in 1954, the year I was born showed to the world the constant threat that existed before the 1960’s and it was real. The domino principal was well known by all the military strategist during the sixties, the naiveté of the general public only remembering we won the War and not the constant diligence of the impending difficulties with Russian, Korea (The forgotten War) because the nuclear threat was not going away and it is showing itself again in the ludicrous actions being tolerated by your President with Korea today and their nuclear threat, it is beyond imagination. Anyone who looks only at the debacles of our Government and the United Nations ill devised and advised plans for a free world and only seeing us as a nation of aggressors to be blamed, not recognizing the infinite difficulties of the threats out there and what happens when as I have said before in the quote: “ All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.” , so if you believe that we can just sit around and leave the rest of the world to fall and everything will be OK you apparently don’t know what happened in WWII (Video on the Cold War See all Eleven videos by mediarichlearning:  or your self absorbed life devoid of Historical facts and wisdom doesn’t recognize a threat until it is upon you and it is. Islam and the Mahometans as well as Communism are here and who’s influence has been here since 1919 (see: If we fall from within or without as we have learned from Viet Nam and from many other nations all free countries will follow as in the domino principal and their will be no more Freedom or Liberty or Justice, we teeter on the edge of our existence and the world will be returned to the Dark Ages and the Bastille. If we continue to be mislead by revisionist historians like in our book Power and Society that we owe our existence to the Classical Liberalism which is a fantasy, which banners itself under Rational Religion or better known as Atheism then we are one step closer to loosing all of our freedoms and it is the reason we have almost lost most of our liberty today by the chipping away by modern ideologies based on Hegelian thought as is Communism. We owe our freedoms to the understandings of being endowed by a Creator and the Christian Religion dating back as far as the Age of Chivalry as part of their Oath to God as a Knight to defend and take care of the poor and orphans and women and to educate them and yes I can prove what I say all the way up to the Order of the Garter and they were not Classical Liberals back then. I can show it historically but so can you if you know your History, Religion and your Ideology or else you are doomed to repeat the failures of those in past, this is my expertise and has been for 30 years in debating the likes of Madalyn Murray O’Hair and Glen Maxey of the Oral Majority until she was killed by one of her own people.
We as a nation need to have a little more of a scholarly approach in evaluating truth in a matter instead of what is given to us in a 30 second sound byte or on a handout to be studied or a blog to be read especially with those who would put their own philosophical slant on things and mislead the masses and let’s look at what was really was happening and be honest for one minute as scary as Nuclear Posturing during the 1960’s was so it is still today and nothing has changed it is still a threat, ask any of our Navy personnel stationed on any Nuclear Submarine today the game goes on and  we are not even aware of how dangerous it gets.

Skip Pallo (Semper Fi)


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