Who were the Hippies and how did they influence the culture of the 1960s?

Our Universities beg another question of it’s students:Who were the Hippies and how did they influence the culture of the 1960s?
Proper perspective in analyzing the sixties is the most important concept to remember, children who grew up with the threat of the nuclear holocaust drills, where the home was not perfect, and the collapse of Classical liberal idealism was immanent, but the ease of material gain was on the horizon and the influx of philosophies foreign to the traditions of American values presented an experiment in social culture which would eventually go terribly wrong. Colleges provided the impetus for this experiment because children being unwise are easily lead astray no matter how book smart they are, and where the movement gave rise to a culture of young people disenchanted with traditional values, seeking enlightenment in the drug culture of the day (The Age of Aquarius) and sought to make there mark and tried to undo the sins of their fathers, but as reality set in this would fail terrible. Groups were trying to get back to the garden (The garden of Eden) where life was simple, harmonious, and they could commune with God on a higher plane, a return to nature which made the ideals of Locke extremely palatable and would undo the christen ethic that built a great nation. Locke’s philosophy centers around man and man being the ultimate authority whose failures had already been seen for a hundred years in England, now enter the mix in American culture and ultimately would rip the fabric of our social culture which could never be repaired (Pandora’s Box). Hippies we call them armed with a philosophy of returning to nature created communes reflected in the Communist ideals taught by Marx and Engel’s and added to that drugs of Pot, LSD, Shrumes (Mescaline), and many others drugs while seeking enlightenment from the songs of the leaders of the day. The parties that ensued included, for those who are ignorant of the time period and its nature which would influence the children as well, orgies (sex at any cost) and the children were included in a lot of those instances. Many children died either by over dosing or by neglect, most were dirty, and hence we refer to them in society as those dirty old hippies. Sex with young children was common place and gave rise to such off shoots as The Children of God better known as The Little Whores for Jesus following a man named Moses (David Brandt Berg), see http://www.rickross.com/groups/family.html. The effects of this philosophy which convoluted the real truths which were about show their effects in our American culture and law system. Hippies accepted the amoral aspect of Atheism which presented itself from the Scientism of the day, books like “ I’m OK, Your OK.” by Thomas Anthony Harris and the influx of Transactional Analysis which is responsible for many tragedies, for instance after the United States Government adopted this philosophy and it caused such great harm in the U. S. Postal Dept. we remember it when we say “Someone’s gone Postal”, T.A. was responsible for it and was another experiment gone wrong in the sixties and caused many to commit suicide, and as a Christian counselor I remember it was discussed there, I work for the United States Treasure Department in the early 1970’s. The Hippie movement sought an alternative life style based on human invention and wisdom, human philosophy, and believed all authority including Government was “The Man” and he was responsible for suppressing everyone, he was evil. The social Scientist would see this as a natural struggle of humans for freedom and change and equality, the Christian see’s it as an apostasy (for there is no sin that is not common unto man and there is not new thing under the sun), the social scientist, the psychologist, and all other amoral disciplines offers a 12 step program and pill to ease the conscience and denies any responsibility in the experiments which ravages our nation to this very day. The only thing this type of understanding “Amoralism” accomplishes is the denial of God on the basis, science has already killed Him and forces society to accept the fact that only they the purveyors of the modern social science and medicine have the knowledge to fix the social evil of mankind. Deviant behavior viewed not from the aspect of Religious Morality but from the social amoral aspect which means nothing. If there is no God then all things are permissible (rape, incest, bestiality, homosexuality) all become a digression to the base nature of the liberating of mankind as an animal and as the Hippies of that day practiced and the creed of the amoral idealism which stretches to today are stated in the words of the high priest of Atheism “For me there are no rules none at all. The echoes of the hippie movement were upon the tongue of Madalyn Murray O’ Hair in one of my debates with her and the ORAL Majority where she stated in reference to the Gay movement of that day, “Well it’s natural the doggies do it.” To which I replied “They also do it with their young and kill them, do you espouse that as well”, she had no answer and to this good day they no longer use that argument in public. The sterile amoral aspects leave behind from the hippie movement all of the crying children chided by others with statements like “Who’s your Daddy”, “and Those bastard children”. The women who’s struggle for the freedom of their sexual prowess and equality to men left destitute and consigned the marriage contract as a mere witness of prostitution, and the men devoid of there position as heads of the household abandon relationships for the lack of care and trust in women from life in the commune and infused the after effects which left women and society wondered Why? and blamed men, and as we know ”A house divided against it self cannot stand”. Now is the War of the Sexes and adage as the articles of the sixties reflects “You’ve come a long way baby”. These are the men and women and children once called hippies who have sat at my desk in tears because the amoral never satisfies the Soul or reconciles the relationship with God, No 12 step program or pill does that, just ask Rep. Anthony Weiner. I will stop here the list is endless. No offense intended only the truth just as the children who asked me before, “Did mommy and daddy want me or was I an accident”, are they the Children of God or as Carl Sagan envisions from the amoral aspect “ You are an accident in Universe which didn’t have you in mind in the first place.”, protecting the immoral as a minority and under the banner of equal rights of the sixties as a constitutional right not recognizing it for what it is as a humanistic right and if you disagree just read the book I challenged you with, it right under the professors first statement in this discussion board as to what we truly are suppose to protect in our constitution provided by it laws and precepts which have been mislead over the years. Reactionism will come but Pandora ’s Box has already been opened and like the Nuclear Age we can never return without great upheaval and loss of life and sacrifice or we are doomed to becoming nothing more than the deviant animals the Amoralist believes we are, with government adding Law after Law to restrict and bind society and makes us a part of the system which was suppose to have Liberty and Freedom and there will be no more God Bless America.
Skip (Semper FI)
For your reference:
See: The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, Developed the Official and Historical Annals of the Republic by B. F. Morris (Benjamin Franklin Morris) 1864 documentation on the constitutions of most of the states of the union from the inception of this nation.

The original book is now in reprint again after 100 years of silence.


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