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This is America not Mexico, It’s not Iran or Iraq, It’s not Canada, My descendants were German, Russian, Welsh and Bavarian, but we swear our allegiance to this country which is biblically based not Islamic or any other, contrary to the popular beliefs of the infidels in the ivory towers of this country preaching their secular revisionist history based on John Locke and forced Universalism and Pacifism. Our basic values are not set by the stupidity of school administrators and are so misaligned from what they should be it borders on insanity. The using our schools as a testing ground for legal, psychological and political agendas which never should happen and most of the time never reflect the morals of the home and in most cases are totally against the morals of the home and religion. Never, Never, Never should a show of patriotism and our flag be construed as offensive in this county, if it is then we have a problem with those who are offended, this is not their county it is our country, Americans  not Afro American NOT Hispanic American Not Latin Americans and not White Americans, we are just Americans. To polarize this into agendas of causes or someone laying claim to America by outside interests is not tolerable, especially when they use our children and our schools to do it, we don’t pay homage to La Raza (NCLR) or any other, we don’t shed American blood for Mexico, Islam or any other. Two hundred year of our forefathers who would puke at the thought of what we have tolerated and what we are allowing our great nation to stand for. We (Americans) pay taxes these are our schools not the governments and we need to make them understand this, or we need to fire all of them from the top down and start over. Research the Dumbing of America and you will begin to understand Why we need to stop this Now. We need to restructure at the top and get rid of the agenda of governmental interference and political agendas when it comes to our children, where religious rights reflect the Constitutional values set forth by the founding fathers. Government was to protect the rights of Religion with out becoming a religion, read the Trial of William Penn and William Mead which set the tone of how America views religion, the axiomatic  biblical principal : Where there is not law there is no sin, (If you don’t bind something you do not impede it, it is a protection mechanism that was well understood by the founder of Pennsylvania and Delaware and is quoted in the Trial at Ole Bailey’s) and was the pattern used to construct the Constitution and is the underlying principal of Constitutional statement we follow “Congress shall make no law concerning Religion., it is to protect religion not to make our government atheistic or humanist or any other it was to respect and preserve our Right To Religion Not From It or to wipe it from the pages of our legal system, contrary to the stupidity of our Supreme Court and our governmental bureaucrats who have their own agenda. Even Thomas Jefferson who penned the Constitution knew better than to try to make this Country a Universalist nation and states so in his writings and is the reason Jeremy Bentham’s System of Law was rejected by John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and the Committee on Constitutional Reform.  This needs to stop, Pride in this Nation as Americans not political agenda’s to divide this nation. I trust the founding fathers and their wisdom not the stupidity of those in White house who deem the Constitution an imperfect document and seek to deceive this nation and replace it with change leading us back to the enslavement of the Bastille. I am a former Marine, a preacher, debater, a marriage counselor, a Christian, a grandfather, a cowboy and I will die for This country and defend it from those who would pervert or try to dissolve the bonds of this country or its sovereignty. You will give me Liberty or you will give me death, I fight for this county not Mexico or Canada and if you cannot swear allegiance to this nation maybe you should find a county where you are proud to be there like Iraq or Iran or Afghanistan or just go back to Mexico and don’t tread on Me or this nation.


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We are not protected


Citizen’s Rule Book

It is some what sobering to read the early fathers of this country and recognize that they saw it necessary to swear allegiance to this country in a solemn oath as a matter of being a citizen of this great nation and those who were in alliance with other nations or swear allegiance to any foreign ideologies or plotting to over throw this countries ideals were considered traitors and treasonous and they were sought out and either imprisoned or deported after the signing of the constitution, our families were immigrants who came here seeking a new life in a free country and had to swear allegiance to it when now foreign nationals (illegal immigrates in to California estimated at between 10,000 to 50,000 people under the banner of Socialism) are openly trying to over throw this country and its ideals, they say they are protected by our Constitution that they are openly trying to over throw and living in this country off its welfare an the leader of this country is telling immigration not to arrest them and wants to grant them open citizenship without them showing allegiance to it, this is not only criminal it is a complete disregard for the sacredness for which our forefathers lost their lives and is an out right plot against us as Americans. See:
The conflicts are coming and our border are not protected
Skip Pallo (Semper Fi)

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