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We are not protected


Citizen’s Rule Book

It is some what sobering to read the early fathers of this country and recognize that they saw it necessary to swear allegiance to this country in a solemn oath as a matter of being a citizen of this great nation and those who were in alliance with other nations or swear allegiance to any foreign ideologies or plotting to over throw this countries ideals were considered traitors and treasonous and they were sought out and either imprisoned or deported after the signing of the constitution, our families were immigrants who came here seeking a new life in a free country and had to swear allegiance to it when now foreign nationals (illegal immigrates in to California estimated at between 10,000 to 50,000 people under the banner of Socialism) are openly trying to over throw this country and its ideals, they say they are protected by our Constitution that they are openly trying to over throw and living in this country off its welfare an the leader of this country is telling immigration not to arrest them and wants to grant them open citizenship without them showing allegiance to it, this is not only criminal it is a complete disregard for the sacredness for which our forefathers lost their lives and is an out right plot against us as Americans. See: http://www2.hernandotoday.com/content/2010/may/23/la-reconquista-politics-ethnic-conflict/
The conflicts are coming and our border are not protected
Skip Pallo (Semper Fi)


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